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 idea for a story and its been copyrighted

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PostSubject: idea for a story and its been copyrighted   Thu Jan 22, 2009 8:06 am

its the year 0080 its been excatly one year since the one year war and the universe is still trying to rebuild from the chaos,pain horror that the war had caused the federation belives that they have won and it would appear that way for the zeonic forces have dissapeard and there are no traces of them.when the war had ended the federation had decided to divide everything into territorys
planets,colonys even space some people have began to think zeon was right and that the federation was evil and corrupt
and have began to rebel these rebels have caused anarchy all across the intier middle east and south pacific islands the federation has been trying to contain this rebelon but the more they try to contain it the worse it gets it has even reached space on the planet mars where the federation was geting its main resources from the rebelon grew rapiedly there to the point that the rebals were making makeshift cruisers out of civilion transports the fedration feard that another war might break out so the federation sent 3 large fleets and started to bombard the planet any people that were unfortunet to survive were meet by the might of unending MS'S and soldiers they were killing every one including there own mineing crews mars becam desolet news of what happend soon swept every where infact storys were told that mars wasent red because of red dust but from all the blood that was shed on mars and that if you were to travle to mars all you would find was an ocean of blood, leaders of the federation sent a broadcast in every single inch of space reaching everyone that it possbile could it stated that the federation will not put up with any ressitience and any one that did rebel wuld be put to death including any famly members or friend even if they dident do anything at all after the broadcast was over federation becam a dictatorship and they rueld with and ironfist many people wouderd where zeon is at and why there allowing this to happen some people belive that the federation has allready captured all zeonic forces and have put them to death out on the outer rim of the gallexy a faction that has started to call themselvs the axis discreetly promis the people that they will put an stop to the federation,some say they are the remints of zeon formd a new these was disprovved when a untraceable transmission was sent every where it showed a shadowy figure of a man in a mask he said" i am the leader of the new zeon forces i am here to tell you all zeon is not dead it will not die not as long as horrbil people such as the federlist dogs live we shall soon show the federation that they are not invinceable that they can bleed just like that rest of us" after that a small zeon force of sec op units were about to strike a small hq in antartica where one the the federation "vips" was located if he was to die the news would swept the world and the rest of the universe and thus what happens next will zeon have victory , will these fedies contnuie to rule with an iron fist,or shall this axis win the day, it all depends on what happends during this trubulent time.the year is 0080 war is innvitaball tensions rise higher than the sky people will die memories will be lost what shall be the path you take,in the end though watching the world burn may be the only choice we have.BEGIN RP

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PostSubject: Nice Idea   Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:36 am

No offense Knight, but could ya use spell check? And you should copyright that idea.
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idea for a story and its been copyrighted
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