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 Destont of Darktengu INC.

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PostSubject: Destont of Darktengu INC.   Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:54 am

Name: Destont

Age: 21

Sex: Male
Appearance: Wears a black hooded cloak with red X’s on the ends of both sleeves. Wears a smooth mask with the left half being red the other white and the one way glass eyes being white on the red side and red on the white side. When not wearing his cloak and mask he looks pretty average. He’s about 6’2 and has black hair. He wears ordinary shoes and black gloves both with red X’s on them. His pants are a grayish white and his shirt is gray with a black Scythe on it. His eyes are blue.

Profession: MS Tech and design.

History: Des was a pretty normal kid for most of his life. Until he was 16 however, Because that was the year the Zaku 1 MS was first deployed. After that des became incredibly interested in them. So when he could he would learn about how to pilot them and their tech. After a few years of that he went on to start learning how to properly design one, although info was limited since their were very few different MS at the time. During the OYW des was capable of being a MS pilot, but he chose not to due to he really didn’t like either side, the feddies were corrupt and the Zabi family was for the most part just as bad. After the one year war ended des was able to get his hands on a few MP Mobile suits, most of them were zeon MS, and he tinkered with them bit by bit, some changes were great, others were utter catastrophes.

Picture: none.

MS: Modified Black/red Gelgoog marine

Color: Purple

Affiliation: none.
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PostSubject: Re: Destont of Darktengu INC.   Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:26 am

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Destont of Darktengu INC.
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