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 Mihial Zabi

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PostSubject: Mihial Zabi   Mihial Zabi EmptySat Jan 24, 2009 3:46 am

Name: Mihial Zabi
Age: 26
Sex: (Male
Appearance: (What your character looks like
Profession: leader of the Principality of Zeon
History: Mihial Zabi is a member of the Zabi family, the leaders of the old Principality of Zeon, and quickly proved his worth as a pilot when he first trained in the MS-05 Zaku I before the start of the one year war. He wasn't as active in the overall leadership of Zeon as Gihren, or Kysilia, preferring to lead his forces into battle like Garma, and Dozle. When his brother Garma was killed in action in the One Year War it became his goal to avenge his brother, and all those who were killed by the Federation by defeating them, and freeing the spacenoids. As the war drags on he becomes more, and more fixated on his goal. After the Defeat of Zeon at A Bou A Qu he ensured that many Zeon managed to escape so that they could rebuilt their cause, and continue their crusade against the federation. When the federation's actions after the war proved that Zeon had been right all along Mihial decided that it was time to resurface, and bring the fight back to the federtion.
Picture: Mihial Zabi QuattroBajeena
MS: MS-09 Dom/MS-09R Rick-Dom

Color: (Grey
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Mihial Zabi
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