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 Tenshi Kazaraki

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Name: Tenshi Kazaraki
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Appearance: 6 feet tall, 158 pounds, shoulder length blue hair, light blue/grey eyes, and a small scar under his left eye
Profession: Mechanic/Little Know Hired Gun
History: Tenshi was born onto the streets of Earth itself, his mother died at his birth and his father left
him to die after the death of his mother, he was picked up by a poor clan known as the Kazarakis. He was always
a lonely child, and was forced to educate himself, not having enough money to go to school. His whole
childhood was revolved around the gundams and ships that protected the colony of Earth itself. He studied
ever aspect of a mobile suit, mastering the mechanics and controls of almost every mass produced, many not mass produced
and scarcely know, mobiles. But what he didnt like was the sides he would have to enlist to. Instead he had decided he would
work for neither the Federation, or the Zeon. He would work alone, having only the help of his two childhood friends. He is
currently trying to get away from the rigid life he knows, trying to get away from Earth.

Picture: Tenshi Kazaraki Tenshi_2

MS: MSM-03C Hygogg Modified

Color: None

Affiliation: None
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Tenshi Kazaraki
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